“Relationships, not profit centres”

Merrion Private is part of the Merrion Capital Group, an Irish financial services provider, specialising in investment management, corporate advisory services and institutional fixed income broking. Although Irish-based, our global perspective means a thriving local and international client base.

One of Ireland’s outstanding providers of personalised, discretionary and advisory wealth management, Merrion Private offers sophisticated, customised financial services. From financial planning to active investment management for lump sum investments and pensions, individual investors, charities, credit unions and financial advisors work with us to maximum advantage.

Merrion Private’s expertise and advice is informed and objective. We forge partnerships with our clients, bringing distinctive thinking to investment opportunities and offering exceptional proactive investment management solutions.

At the heart of our wealth management business, is a clear objective of earning superior returns for our clients. Our impressive fund track record sets this apart as a key differentiator for us. Active Management of client portfolios coupled with a refined global perspective allows us to construct strong customised risk-adjusted investment strategies for changing market conditions.

But it all starts with the individual. Each of us has different and diverse objectives and circumstances. We believe strongly in the value of personal contact and in building robust, lasting client relationships. We’re good listeners; we bring empathy and intuition to the table. Our objectivity marks us out from the competition. With Merrion Private, you will enjoy the focused attention of a dedicated portfolio manager who is more than just a relationship manager. Understanding the markets is of little use without understanding your needs. Plans are tailored. Strategy is sculpted.

Merrion Private offers horizon to horizon wealth management including:

  • Financial Planning
  • Discretionary Wealth Management
  • Advisory Wealth Management and Stockbroking
  • Execution Only Service
  • Pensions
  • Credit Union Services
  • Investment Brokers/Intermediary Services